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June 29th, 2012

Not All Wood Floors Are the Same

A few months back, we had the opportunity to tour one of the Anderson Hardwood Flooring facilities in South Carolina.  Interestingly, I heard the workers at this particular facility referred to as “captive craftsmen who live in a gated community.”  I came to find out that the description was more than accurate.  The facility was a South Carolina state prison and the workers were inmates.

Outside the South Carolina State Prison

Obviously there were a few rules attached to our tour of the facility including no phones, cameras, etc.  What we saw and experienced next was impressive.  These inmates were hard at work at their stations.  And the skill exhibited was incredible.  For one thing, a TRULY handscrapped floor is a challenge to make…I know because I got to try!  There are products on the market that are advertised as handscrapped that are actually machine scrapped.  While this may not sound like much of a difference, think about this…machines work repetitively so there will be a recurring pattern to the boards every sixth, seventh or so board depending on how many machine stations the manufacturer used.  With a true handscrapped product (the way many traditional floors were made over a century ago), no two boards will ever be exactly the same.  That hand scrapping, that human touch gives every board uniqueness while crafting similarity into the beautiful look of natural wood.

Another aspect of the tour that impressed us were the statistics. Consider these Anderson program facts:

  • 850 prisoners are employed by the state, 600 of these inmates do the handscrapping.
  • The inmates are paid $10.50 per hour.
  • The state takes $2.00 per hour.
  • State and Federal Taxes are with held.
  • Must pay for their room and board at the prison.
  • Must pay any child support and alimony.
  • Must pay into a victim’s restitution plan.
  • Must be disciplinary free
  • Must have a high school diploma or enrolled in a GED program and graduate
  • $1.50 is placed into a forced saving which can be accessed when inmate is freed from prison.
  • Must have a skill set.
  • This is a zero tolerance program.
  • There is a 3 year wait to get into the program.
  • Only 11% of the prisoners in this program return to prison after being released. The South Carolina state returning rate outside this program is 67%.

Clearly, Anderson is a leader, not only in the wood flooring industry but in the community.  A few more facts about Anderson wood flooring products:

  • Anderson Hardwood was the first hardwood manufacturer to add aluminum oxide to the wearlayer finish in the 1990’s.
  • The inner plys of the Anderson Engineered Hardwood line consist of Red Oak, Maple, or Hickory giving the product better indent resistance. This raises the Janka Hardness of the engineered Oak product to 1610. Solid Red Oak has a Janka rating of 1290.

Come see our selection of Anderson Wood floors and create your own story to tell about “captive craftsmen.”  Beautiful.  Made affordable.

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June 14th, 2012

Where to Start for Your Home Carpeting Purchase

I get questions from the Internet and do my best to respond in a helpful manner.  Frank, in his question below, asked about the first step in purchasing carpet for his home.  OK, I admit that my response was actually the first few steps, but I hope you find this information helpful!

Question: Looking at replacing my carpet again in my home?  What is the first step? – Frank

Response: Frank, we have found that most consumers don’t have a lot of experience with purchasing flooring.  We like to start with a quick “tell me about your project” discussion which helps us provide our customers with better guidance.  There are a lot (and I mean a lot) of choices in carpeting, and that’s only part of the decision.  You also need to consider your carpet cushion and the installation quality.  We provide our customers with guidance on materials relative to performance, styling, stain resistance, warranties, etc. to help guide them to the best choice for their home or office.  In most cases, customers don’t even realize that to maintain manufacturer’s warranties, carpet should be professionally cleaned via the hot water extraction method (we suggest that you keep your receipts in a file in case you ever need to prove that you did properly maintain and clean your carpet).  Cleaning is one of the many services that our Steamatic division offers.  You can see more about them at

This is Steamatic clean!





 Back to cushion and installation.  Have you ever had a Coke spill on your carpet, then had it professionally cleaned which got rid of that caramel color only to have it return in a couple of weeks?  What’s happening is your carpet cushion acts like a sponge.  The Coke gets absorbed into the sponge.  The carpet gets cleaned but by walking over the carpet (and “sponge”) over the next few days that residual Coke is squeezed back out of the cushion into your carpet.  Think of your carpet as a large piece of fabric, typically 12 feet wide, seamed together and stretched from wall to wall to fit your room(s).  The cushion serves as the foundation for your carpet and we encourage our customers to select a proper foundation for not only the “feel” under foot but to preserve the life of the carpet and its looks.  Our best three cushion offerings all have a “moisture barrier” built into the cushion to keep that Coke out of the cushion by keeping it on top of the moisture barrier until your carpet cleaner can remove the liquid.  If you have pets, this is a huge plus if you substitute an “accident” for that Coke spill.

 In fact, we have gone a little further in trying to best serve our customers.  We offer Carpet One’s exclusive Healthier Living Installation System (see more at which incorporates these moisture barrier cushions (which are all anti-microbially treated) into an installation package.  Each package offers all of the things needed to install your carpet in a single price (such as furniture movement, old carpet removal, Healthier Living treatment with Healthinex spray, your selected carpet cushion, carpet installation, haul off of the old carpet to the dump, etc.).  The Big Box boys advertise “whole house carpet installation for $39” or some other attention gathering statement but that is only for “basic carpet installation”.  Their add ons are huge starting with additional charges for furniture movement, old carpet take up, hauling and dump fees, the carpet cushion, etc.  The old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true…”  We encourage a “bottom line” comparison and are confident that not only will our customers be pleased with the pricing but the service and training of a locally owned flooring specialty dealer simply can’t be matched by folks too big to focus on developing our level of expertise.

On last note, we are more than happy to provide you a free estimate.  We always measure and provide our quotes for free, no strings attached!  I hope this helps.


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February 10th, 2011

The Silver Lining of Water Damage

Around our Store, we refer to an insurance loss caused by water or fire as “involuntary remodeling.” Also known in the industry as restoration, putting things back the way they were before the loss is the primary goal of your insurance coverage. Our goal as a first response specialist and restoration contractor is to minimize the disruption to your home. Some see such disruptions as an opportunity (or even catalyst) to tackle that flooring remodeling job that they had already begun to contemplate.

Consider this scenario. You have a water loss cased by a burst pipe, a bad hot water heater or a faulty toilet. Water gets out in the open and does its thing, which is to migrate downward. The floor almost always is involved and if you are fortunate enough to catch it early, the damage can be minimized by our Steamatic team who can remove the water and begin the drying process. In cases involving wood and laminate, water damage is difficult to reverse, but sometimes flooring can be saved as with carpet where pad replacement, a good cleaning and re-stretching work just fine. Either way, with adequate homowners insurance, you likely have a covered loss and will receive some compensation to restore your floor. Now what? (more…)

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November 27th, 2010

Steamatic…I love these guys!

Every parent knows the feeling of pride when you get an unsolicited compliment on your child.  At Steamatic, we have worked hard to provide unparalleled service through training and good, old fashioned hard work.  I have gotten a number of compliments in the past few months on these guys and just couldn’t resist the urge to post a few of them here.  These are actual customer comments that I copied from our “Wall of Fame” which we maintain in our warehouse service area for compliments on our installers and service technicians:

Bob cleaning air ducts.

Jeffrey with an air mover for a water drying job.


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November 27th, 2010

The Power of Carpet One

When Barbara and I purchased the Columbus Carpet Mill Store in 2008, we didn’t know a lot about Carpet One.  What we did know was that the Store had grown well beyond its carpet mill outlet store roots which dated back to its beginning in 1964.  After a few months of debate, we decided to change the name of the store to Flooring & More Carpet One.

We did this for several reasons:

  • the Store offers much more than carpet including wood, tile, vinyl, laminate, rugs…not to mention our Steamatic cleaning and restoration division (
  • the old name carried the connotation of a mill outlet store…while we still have great bargains in our 18,000 square foot warehouse, everything we carry is a first quality, running line item
  • we began to understand the power and value of being part of Carpet One

So our new logo became this:

So why are we so proud to be a part of Carpet One?  A little learning and experience with Carpet One quickly provided the answer.  In one way or another, Barbara and I have had the privilege to have been a part of several fine organizations, and we can easily say that Carpet One stands shoulder to shoulder with the best of the businesses with which we have been associated.  The attitude is simple: outstanding service with the best products and prices for every Carpet One customer.  In fact, something that we discussed recently at a Carpet One trade show is what we call our Carpet One brand box:

  • Over 100 million floors sold…Carpet One has installed over 100 million new floors of all types in homes and rooms of all styles
  • #1 buyer in the world…as a member of the world’s largest floor covering buying group, we buy the best brands for less to sell for less
  • Over 1,000 locations…Carpet One’s locally owned and family operated stores have provided generations of personalized service and community support
  • Over 20,000 years combined experience…beyond expert training, we have the experience required to ensure that your floors are installed perfectly
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed…if you don’t love the Carpet One floor you choose, we’ll replace it for free.  That’s our unique Beautiful Guarantee.

As Barbara and I have learned, Carpet One truly is “nationally known, but locally owned.”  Come see us and put the power of Carpet One in your home.  Beautiful.  Made Affordable.

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